Recent Submissions

  • A Pub-lication of Beer 

    Rhode, Bailey; Spencer, Jackson; Vaughn, Kolt; Langford, Allie; Jackson, Aurleta (2018-12-17)
    Nearly every societal demographic consumes beer and has done so for more than 9,000 years, yet little regard has been given to its environmental impacts. We explore the ethics of this delicious dilemma to determine how ...
  • Burmese Pythons: An Invasive Species 

    Capehart, Christian; Matuk, Edgar; Bost, Will; DuMars, Jake; Vanlandingham, John-Michael (2018-12-17)
    This is a chapter about the invasion of the Burmese Python and the effects that the snake has caused to the environment.
  • Electric Vehicles 

    Beck, Cody; Jones, Tanner; Swafford, Luke; Schmidt, Hunter (2018-12-17)
    This chapter regards the current state of electric vehicles in society today: the pros and cons, areas that need to improve, etc. The chapter starts by discussing some of the unethical practices that go into creating ...