SHAREOK is the joint institutional repository for the University of Oklahoma Libraries (OU) and Oklahoma State University Libraries (OSU). It serves as the home for the intellectual output of both communities, and will ultimately include digital dissertations, faculty publications, digital special collections, open access publications, open educational resources and much more.

If you would like to place your works in the institutional repository, please read the Policies and Guidelines document and then contact your library: OU or OSU. Digital assets placed in the repository are available to a global audience, and search engine optimization techniques are used to increase their visibility to researchers and thus their impact on the global community.

If you are an OU student submitting a dissertation or thesis to the Graduate College via SHAREOK, please follow these instructions. For policies on embargoing your dissertation, please refer to the Graduate College Dissertation Instruction Packet for your campus. For policies on embargoing your thesis, please refer to the Graduate College Thesis Instruction Packet for your campus.

OSU students should follow these instructions for submitting dissertations.

OU faculty, please follow these instructions to submit open access documents to SHAREOK.

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Oklahoma Supercomputing and Cyberinfrastructure [89]

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