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An English translation of Olivier Messiaen's "Traite de Rythme, de Couleur, et d'Ornithologie".3373
Social Media and Strategic Communication: Attitudes and Perceptions Among College Students3091
Effectiveness of Foam Rolling in Combination with a Static Stretching Protocol of the Hamstrings1897
The concept of nonalignment and the Nigerian foreign policy 1960-1983 /1775
Practice Problems in Biomedical Organic Chemistry: Self-Guided Problems and Answers for Students in Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry, Volume I1664
Transcribing the Past Project Data1630
Aging with Disney: Depiction of gender and age in seven Disney animated fairy tales.1491
Texture and pedaling in selected nocturnes of Frederic Chopin.1432
Karlheinz Stockhausen's Klavierstuck XI :1397
A pedagogical guide to the 25 Etudes melodiques Opus 45 of Stephen Heller.1338