What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

See: http://guides.ou.edu/OER

OERs are educational materials that are specifically designed by their creator/s to be openly available, and are often licensed to be re-used, re-mixed, and re-distributed. Open is not just about low cost (though that is an important benefit of using OER) but about the ability to take what others have created, customize it for your specific educational needs, and then share your creation with others.

OERs can come in a variety of forms:

  • Primary sources - Images, video, and sound recordings. Some sources are in the public domain, while others have been licensed as open by their creators. In addition, many texts that are in the public domain are available online/electronically.
  • Learning content - created content that ranges from individual lectures, animations, and assessments to complete courses and textbooks.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Lab Manual for Nonmajors Biology 

    Hoefnagels, Mariëlle; Greenwood, Sarah (2019-02)
    Lab manual for use in college-level nonmajors biology courses. Lab manual includes lab safety guidelines and labs for process and tools of science; using the microscope; digestion; food microbiology; bacteria and disease; ...
  • Electromechanical Systems 

    Davis, Chad (2018-12-19)
    This eBook was written as the third installment in the series that coincide with three engineering courses taught at the University of Oklahoma (ENGR 2431, ENGR 2531, and ENGR 3431). These courses were designed to provide ...
  • A Pub-lication of Beer 

    Rhode, Bailey; Spencer, Jackson; Vaughn, Kolt; Langford, Allie; Jackson, Aurleta (2018-12-17)
    Nearly every societal demographic consumes beer and has done so for more than 9,000 years, yet little regard has been given to its environmental impacts. We explore the ethics of this delicious dilemma to determine how ...
  • Burmese Pythons: An Invasive Species 

    Capehart, Christian; Matuk, Edgar; Bost, Will; DuMars, Jake; Vanlandingham, John-Michael (2018-12-17)
    This is a chapter about the invasion of the Burmese Python and the effects that the snake has caused to the environment.
  • Electric Vehicles 

    Beck, Cody; Jones, Tanner; Swafford, Luke; Schmidt, Hunter (2018-12-17)
    This chapter regards the current state of electric vehicles in society today: the pros and cons, areas that need to improve, etc. The chapter starts by discussing some of the unethical practices that go into creating ...
  • What’s in Your Backyard?: A Curriculum Guide to Accompany The University of Oklahoma Citizen Science Soil Collection Program 

    Shelton, Maggie; Cichewicz, Robert (2018-08-08)
    This guide was designed to support educators by helping to integrate citizen science into the classroom environment. By including research about fungi in your classroom, you are helping to foster the development of scientific ...
  • MATH 1503: College Algebra Textbook 

    Haskins, Casey (2018-08)
    This textbook was used at the University of Oklahoma in MATH 1503 during the fall semester of 2018. This OpenStax book is available for free at http://cnx.org/content/col11759/latest MATH 1523 Course Description: ...
  • MATH 1523: Precalculus Textbook 

    Andrews, Candace (2018-08)
    This textbook was used at the University of Oklahoma in MATH 1523 during the fall semester of 2018. It is a modified version of the OpenStax Precalculus textbook. The original version of this book is available for free ...
  • Phases of Venus: Riccioli, New Almagest 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    The phases of Venus were an item of discussion in early modern Europe as scientists sought to determine whether it was evidence of the heliocentric system. Yet among the scientists it was anything but conclusive that this ...
  • Six Cosmological Systems: Phases of Venus 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    It is often thought that Galileo's discovery of the phases of venus demonstrated the contested heliocentric model of the universe. However, such an understanding is overly simplistic of the early modern account of astronomy. ...
  • Six Cosmological Systems: Geocentric vs. Heliocentric 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    Explore the various cosmological systems in the early modern world with this learning leaflet, while at the same time utilizing your inductive reasoning skills.
  • Coma Berenices Learning Leaflet 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    Coma Berenices is the only one of the modern 88 official constellations named after a historical figure. It represents the hair of Berenice, Queen of Egypt (267 221 BCE), who reigned with Ptolemy III Euergetes. Learn more ...
  • Introduction to the Constellations 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    A short introduction to the constellations, able to be used alongside Urania's Mirror Constellation Set.
  • Orion: Baba, Nobutake (1706) 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    This work, written by a Kyoto physician, represents Asian astronomy in the generation following Adam Schall. Baba countered superstitious interpretations of solar eclipses, and used magnetic theory rather than yin and yang ...
  • Quantitative Research Methods for Political Science, Public Policy and Public Administration (With Applications in R): 3rd Edition 

    Jenkins-Smith, Hank C.; Ripberger, Joseph T.; Copeland, Gary; Nowlin, Matthew C.; Hughes, Tyler; Fister, Aaron L.; Wehde, Wesley (2017-08-18)
    The focus of this book is on using quantitative research methods to test hypotheses and build theory in political science, public policy and public administration. It is designed for advanced undergraduate courses, or ...
  • Edward Jenner: The Mystery of the Milkmaids 

    Kientz, Kate; Purkaple, Brent (2017-08)
    Edward Jenner was a physician in the eighteenth and nineteenth century who studied the disease known as cowpox. Traditional medical knowledge demonstrated that milkmaids who contracted the disease cowpox became immune to ...
  • John P. Finley: Tornado Forecasting 

    Boone, Brittany; Purkaple, Brent (2017-08)
    John P. Finley wrote the first book in English devoted to tornadoes. As a member of the US Army Signal Service, Finley's job was weather forecasting. By the 1880s Finley was widely recognized in the military as a tornado ...
  • Antología Abierta De Literatura Hispana 

    Ward, Julie Ann (2017-04)
    Una antología crítica de textos literarios del mundo hispanohablante. Se enfoca en autores canónicos y también se intenta incluir voces marginadas. Cada texto tiene una introducción y anotaciones creadas por estudiantes. ...
  • AC Circuits 

    Davis, Chad (2017-01-07)
    This eBook was written as the sequel to the eBook titled DC Circuits, which was written in 2016 by Chad Davis. This eBook covers Alternating Current (AC) circuit theory as well us a brief introduction of electronics. It ...
  • Hoot the Owl 

    Todd, Anna (2017)
    A children’s book, "The Story of How the Constellation ‘Hoot the Owl’ Began", was written and Illustrated this past Fall by Anna Todd, a 2nd grade student at Rose Witcher Elementary School, El Reno Public Schools, located ...

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