The OU Academy of the Lynx was established in 2002 as a Friends organization to promote the History of Science Collections and increase its visibility in the central Oklahoma area. Lynx Open Ed is the educational arm of the OU Lynx (see "About Lynx Open Ed" - Through collaborations with educators in the Lynx Open Ed initiative, the OU Lynx is devoted to supporting exhibit-based educational outreach. Lynx Open Ed produces Open Educational Resources (OERs), conducts custom, docent-led class visits, and provides docent programs for students third grade and up at area schools and libraries. For more information visit

Recent Submissions

  • Phases of Venus: Riccioli, New Almagest 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    The phases of Venus were an item of discussion in early modern Europe as scientists sought to determine whether it was evidence of the heliocentric system. Yet among the scientists it was anything but conclusive that this ...
  • Six Cosmological Systems: Phases of Venus 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    It is often thought that Galileo's discovery of the phases of venus demonstrated the contested heliocentric model of the universe. However, such an understanding is overly simplistic of the early modern account of astronomy. ...
  • Six Cosmological Systems: Geocentric vs. Heliocentric 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2018)
    Explore the various cosmological systems in the early modern world with this learning leaflet, while at the same time utilizing your inductive reasoning skills.
  • Coma Berenices Learning Leaflet 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    Coma Berenices is the only one of the modern 88 official constellations named after a historical figure. It represents the hair of Berenice, Queen of Egypt (267 221 BCE), who reigned with Ptolemy III Euergetes. Learn more ...
  • Introduction to the Constellations 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    A short introduction to the constellations, able to be used alongside Urania's Mirror Constellation Set.
  • Orion: Baba, Nobutake (1706) 

    Magruder, Kerry (2018)
    This work, written by a Kyoto physician, represents Asian astronomy in the generation following Adam Schall. Baba countered superstitious interpretations of solar eclipses, and used magnetic theory rather than yin and yang ...
  • Edward Jenner: The Mystery of the Milkmaids 

    Kientz, Kate; Purkaple, Brent (2017-08)
    Edward Jenner was a physician in the eighteenth and nineteenth century who studied the disease known as cowpox. Traditional medical knowledge demonstrated that milkmaids who contracted the disease cowpox became immune to ...
  • John P. Finley: Tornado Forecasting 

    Boone, Brittany; Purkaple, Brent (2017-08)
    John P. Finley wrote the first book in English devoted to tornadoes. As a member of the US Army Signal Service, Finley's job was weather forecasting. By the 1880s Finley was widely recognized in the military as a tornado ...
  • Hoot the Owl 

    Todd, Anna (2017)
    A children’s book, "The Story of How the Constellation ‘Hoot the Owl’ Began", was written and Illustrated this past Fall by Anna Todd, a 2nd grade student at Rose Witcher Elementary School, El Reno Public Schools, located ...
  • The Trial of Galileo 

    Magruder, Kerry (2017)
    The story of Galileo’s trial in 1633 intertwines two crucial earlier episodes: 1. Galileo’s encounter with the Inquisition in 1616; and 2. Publication of Galileo’s Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World in ...
  • Banned Books of the Scientific Revolution 

    Magruder, Kerry (2017)
    The three most famous banned books of the Copernican revolution, listed in chronological order, are On the Revolutions of Copernicus (1543); a Commentary on the biblical book of Job by Zúñiga, a theologian in Salamanca; ...
  • Galileo's World Reprise, "Walking Tours." 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2017)
    Galileo's World reprise offers visitors another chance to experience the award-winning exhibition. Materials on display at partner locations will return to OU Libraries and be available in a rotating display located in the ...
  • Della Porta: Natural Magic 

    Galliart, Scott; Purkaple, Brent (2017)
    Giambattista della Porta was one of the most widely known European Renaissance magicians. In 1558, at the age of twenty three, the first edition of his book Natural Magic was printed. Due to its popularity and Della Porta ...
  • Activities Handout for Constellations 

    Magruder, Kerry; Purkaple, Brent (2016)
    Suggested activities to be used in conjunction with Constellation Coloring Pages and Card Sets.
  • "Constellation Coloring Pages" adapted from Johann Bode, "Uranographia" (1801) 

    Johann Bode, director of the Observatory of the Berlin Academy of Sciences, produced the last of the four major celestial atlases in which artful depictions of constellation figures appear alongside the most up-to-date ...
  • Augustine: The Bible and Science 

    Magruder, Kerry (2016)
    Saint Augustine discussed the relationship between religion and science in the 5th century. Such views became highlight influential throughout the history of science for those interested in explaining the relationship ...
  • The Anatomy of a Book 

    Magruder, Kerry (2016)
    In order to understand the history of a book, it is important to understand the structure and organization of a book - it's anatomy. This learning leaflet explains the basic parts of a book through some simple exercises. ...
  • The Abacus: Introduction 

    Magruder, Kerry (2016)
    The Abacus was an instrument useful for various mathematical computations. This learning leaflet provides step-by-step instructions for the basic operations of the abacus.
  • Bode's Star Atlas: Uranographia, 1801 

    Magruder, Kerry (2016)
    This beautiful star atlas fused artistic beauty and scientific precision, the last of the four major star atlases in which artful depictions of constellation figures appear alongside the most up to date scientific information. ...
  • Discorso particolare intorno all'unisono 

    Galilei, Vincenzo; Annis, Jonathan A. (2016)
    Vincenzo Galilei was among the first music theorists to advocate for a new system of tuning based on performance, instead of the mathematical principles of music set fourth by Pythagoras. Pythagorean music theory bases ...

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