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  • Proceedings, Second National Bobwhite Quail Symposium 

    Schitoskey, Frank; Schitoskey, Elizabeth C.; Talent, Larry G.; National Bobwhite Quail Symposium (2nd : 1982 : Stillwater, Okla.) (Arts and Sciences Research, Oklahoma State University, 1982)
    The original objectives of the organizers of this symposium were "to provide management biologists, research biologists, administrators, sportsmen's organizations , and interested lay people an opportunity to interchange ...
  • Proceedings of the Prairie Grouse Symposium 

    Knopf, Fritz L.; Vohs, Paul A., Jr.; Prairie Grouse Symposium (1980 : Stillwater, Okla.) (Oklahoma State University, 1980)
    Prairie chickens and sharptailed grouse evolved and have survived in the grasslands of the central portions of the North American continent . The vegetation, fire, drought, extremes in temperature, native grazing species, ...
  • Proceedings of the First National Bobwhite Quail Symposium 

    Morrison, John A.; Lewis, James C.; National Bobwhite Quail Symposium (1st : 1972 : Oklahoma State University) (Oklahoma State University Research Foundation, 1972)