The Citizen Science Soil Collection program is an initiative designed to bring together biomedical researchers with citizen scientists in an effort to find new soil fungi from across the United States that produce drug-like compounds called natural products. Natural products hold great promise for development into therapies capable of impeding the proliferation of cancer cells, stopping the spread of infectious pathogens, and treating many other human diseases. Citizen scientists have provided thousands of soil samples from their land, which investigators are using to uncover new fungal species that make natural products. Individuals interested in joining the program can learn more at The purpose of this database is to provide a record of the contributions that citizen scientists from the fifty U.S. States plus the District of Columbia have made toward the discovery of soil fungi. Contributing citizen scientists can access information about their sample by entering its unique sample identification code (Sample ID), which was provided with your collection kit. Individuals can also browse the dataset to learn about samples collected from their area by searching a specific zip code, city, or state or by simply clicking on a sample icon displayed on the map below. Please note: recent samples featured without any results may be currently in line for processing. Information and photos will be updated when available.