About the Institute

The Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing is an academic center based at The University of Oklahoma. Its three-fold mission is to:

  • Advance the science of virtue both by promoting virtue research at OU and by serving as a central hub for other institutes, both in the U.S. and abroad, to facilitate collaborative research initiatives;
  • Improve the flourishing of OU students by revitalizing both the study and cultivation of virtue as part of the mission of higher education;
  • Improve the flourishing of all Oklahomans through our outreach programs in a variety of areas: to business, education, civic engagement, and parents.

The Institute is made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation and by support from The University of Oklahoma.


Part of the Institute's mission is to offer a wide variety of resources for those interested in human flourishing, virtue and character. This repository provides a permanent home for those resources, and is updated regularly with new resources as they become available. We invite you to join our email list and connect with us on social media to stay informed of new resources, upcoming events and funding opportunities.

Moral Self Archive

The ISHF repository also hosts the Moral Self Archive, a freely available repository of moral self research, supported by the Self, Motivation & Virtue Project. The SMV Project is a 3-year initiative that funds innovative, interdisciplinary research on virtue and moral development, with a special focus on exploring new ways of measuring virtue and how it develops in humans. Visit the SMV Project website for more details.

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