The OneOklahoma Cyberinfrastructure (OneOCII) Initiative delivers super computing power, network reliability, robustness, availability, and bandwidth to Oklahoma’s researchers.

OneOCII provides researchers at colleges and universities statewide greater data-intensive research with better speed, efficiency and reliability.

OneOCII was able to make a $1.17 million cyber connectivity upgrade funded by a National Science Foundation grant. These upgrades to the Oklahoma Optical Initiative benefits the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, OneNet (Oklahoma’s education, research and government network), the University of Tulsa, Langston University, the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and a variety of other institutions across the state.


  • Reach institutions outside the mainstream of advanced computing.
  • Serve every higher education institution in Oklahoma that has relevant curricula.
  • Educate Oklahomans about advanced computing.
  • Attract underrepresented populations and institution types into advanced computing.

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