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    • Roll variability analysis for non-statisticians 

      Thuer, Amy; Dennison, Avery (Oklahoma State University, 2019-06)
      Roll variability can be characterized by several different methods. Off line cross-direction (CD) scans of thickness or coat weight give a snapshot of CD variation over a small machine-direction (MD) range. Roll hardness ...
    • Wound roll structures and practical applications 

      Michal, Neal J. (Oklahoma State University, 2019-06)
      Winding is an integral process in the manufacturing and converting of nearly all web materials such as paper, film, tissue, nonwovens, aluminum and steel. Wound rolls are the most convenient, economical, and most prevalent ...
    • Evaluation of physical properties of thin film and measurement of unsteady thermal stress 

      Nishida, Takeshi; Sunami, Yuta; Hashimoto, Hiromu (Oklahoma State University, 2019-06)
      Winding defect such as the roll wrinkles or slips to lose the value of the product. Winding defect is caused by the internal stress condition in the roll and the temperature change of the roll after winding. Therefore, it ...